Adrian Begon

Adrian Begon is a highly experienced TV and film industry pro who worked his way up from running tapes round Soho, to editing, producing and directing the highest quality promo, documentary and corporate content for all the major UK broadcasters and a few abroad as well (Israel, Hong Kong, Belgium)

Along the way though of course the phone calls from the family started coming in – ‘Hi Ade – listen I heard you know a bit about TV… would you mind filming Benjamin’s Barmitzvah?’. And of course, as we all know, there’s no greater pleasure than pointing a camera at your friends whilst they are outrageously drunk and ‘feeling the love’!

Now Ade loves to be involved in the world of family media. In his own words “Wedding and family films are so much more than just a film to be watched and then forgotten – they are always wonderfully happy record, that bring huge joy when they are delivered and also enjoyed for generations to come, and that is a truly satisfying thing to have created.”

When Ade’s not working he can be found doing animal impressions for his small children, crying over Spurs latest missed opportunity or out throwing sticks around fields for his dog.

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